Get Out!

It is happening again. Just like always and it is fast. Ice has turned to water. Frozen soil has transformed into mud that might suck your boots right off your feet.  The cold, quiet air is alive with bird song and a few intrepid frogs have added their voices to the growing symphony. Small, early emerging insects are there to nourish the music-makers. Tree buds signal the time to pull the spiles and thank the Maples for their annual abundance.

One day it is in the 60’s and light perspiration glistens on your face if given half a chance. The next day it has dropped to the low 40’s with a stiff northwestern breeze making layers the fashion statement of choice.  This is the time of year when Wisconsinites are molting. The bottom winter layers frequently disappear first. In their place are Tevas and shorts while further up, vestiges of cold weather remain – thermal Henleys, fleece pullovers, and puffy jackets. Yes, it is a Wisconsin spring.

It is a fleeting time of often near perfection.  Warm and sunny with no dew point and no mosquitoes. If you blink, you might miss it and that would be regrettable indeed.  Get out! Get out there and immerse yourself in the great awakening, the great return that is Spring.Tiny moss at Drumlin