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And Water for All

On June 21st, 2016, the Great Lakes governors voted unanimously to allow Waukesha access to Lake Michigan water and to return the treated water to Racine via the Root River.  It is something we all have to live with now.

So, for those of us in “shipping and receiving” as it were, what can we do to support our current waterways and aquifers to ensure that we all have access to clean water.  Well, as it turns out, quite a lot. Here are some examples for starters:

  • Cease treating run-off like a waster product to be shushed off to the land of away. The water that comes off of your rooftops should be allowed to return underground where it recharges our aquifers and eventually our waterways.  Do this by taking a different approach to landscaping.  Use native plants and create rain gardens in both residential and commercial applications.
  • Work with municipalities to create forward thinking development practices that conserve water. Urge them to create incentives for those who do so.
  • Pressure developers to use water conserving designs for parking lots, subdivisions and other public hardscaped areas.  Wisconsin has many examples as well as other places in our nation.
  • Don’t have water saving toilets yet?  Now is a good time.
  • Stop using bottled water.  It takes more water to create bottled water owing to the plastic that swathes it.  Use it only in emergencies – as it was intended.
  • Are you still watering your lawn when it is supposed to go dormant?  What a water waster!
  • Speaking of watering, do you need to do so?  If so, pay attention to when and how you water.

All the water we have is all the water we have.  We cannot get more than what is contained on our planet.  It is precious and limited.  Time to treat it that way.