Boy Scout Programs

Following are Boy Scout programs offered at the Seno Center. All programs are two hours in length, and cost $6.00 per scout with a $60 minimum. There is no charge for adult chaperons Contact the Seno Center for additional information and to schedule programs. Call 262-539-3222 or email

Boy Scouts

Weblos Badges


Learn to identify 6 trees and forest plants and find out how animals and humans use them. Learn what the wood of different tree species looks like and what products are made from the wood. Learn how fire is helpful to the forest ecosystem.


Learn how to identify rocks from the igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary families as you go rock hounding. Find out which of these rocks are used for building materials. Look for fossils in the glacial till and how glaciers and volcanoes shaped the land.


Learn to identify birds by their coloration and call and which birds migrate south during the winter using the flyways in the northern and southern hemisphere. Check out an aquatic ecosystem and find out what lives there, and make a food web showing the relationship of all the animals in the forest.


Learn about Bernoulli’s principal and how it related to air pressure. See how Newton’s 1st law of motion affects the launch of a rocket. Learn how optical illusions affect how you see things. Earn the Cub Scout Academics belt loop for Science and Astronomy.