School Programs

Our natural resources – living and non living – and how we relate to them inform and guide our programs.  The contents are science based and conform to the Core Curriculum Standards as much as possible.  We also believe in the essential nature of discovery, exploration and relationship-building within the context of the natural world.  That means if we happen upon something amazing – even if it does not relate to the moment at hand – we go for it!! Don’t worry, we’ll get back on track.

We also think that kids are supposed to get dirty and have fun.  That goes for grown ups too!

Program components can be mixed and matched based upon what you would like to get out of your field trip.  The naturalist reserves the right to make the final decision based on season, weather and size of the class.

All school programs include a hike to explore the woods and/or prairies unless the weather makes that impossible.  Dress for being outside and for the weather. Many programs also involve a make-and-take.

If you are spending the day with us, feel free to bring your lunch.  We have a carry-in and carry-out policy. That means what you bring with you, leaves with you.