Drumlin Farm

Drumlin Farm Sign

4×3 foot cedar sign at property entrance.
Graphic design and construction by UW-Stevens Point Schmeekle Reserve sign shop.

Drumlin Farm is closed to the public.

Drumlin Farm is 82 acres of marsh, prairie and pine plantation that was donated to the WWOA Foundation in 2006 by Dr. Shirley Peterson. The land is under a conservation easement held by the Geneva Lakes Land Trust. It is located on Cranberry Road just two miles to the south and west of the Seno K/RLT Conservancy.

Dr. Peterson passed away on January 17, 2009. Her memory will endure with the gift of her farm.

Dr. Peterson, of Barrington, Illinois, was an avid conservationist who protected and improved the property over the years. She planted prairie and forest species and protected the marsh areas. She also built a one acre pond and a shallow water pond for wildlife.

There are 30 acres of mixed conifer plantings, 13 acres of prairie, 34 acres of wetland marsh and 3 acres of old crop field. Doctor Peterson planted and maintained the prairie. She planted 26 acres of the red pine, white pine and white spruce plantations in 1963. Then in 1971 she planted an additional 4 acres red pine on the south edge of the property. A second thinning in the oldest stands was conducted in 2007. The selective thinning produced some income, but the main purpose was to improve the health and vigor of the remaining trees which will grow to large tree size. The third conifer thinning harvest was completed in 2017.

The property has a small stream that wonders north through the marsh. The stream along with two small ponds on the south forty, provide expanded opportunities for water activities with students.

The entire property is in a designated primary environmental corridor as identified by the Southeast Regional Planning Commission. Dr. Peterson’s strong land ethic and philosophy of protecting and preserving the land is very similar to that of Dr. Seno. Ironically, the two doctors never met.