Conservation Subdivisions

Ponds I Subdivision

thepondsThe home owner’s association in this conservation subdivision is actively participating in natural areas land management in order to make the Stewardship Plan a living reality. Phase One in the first project area was thoroughly prepared and then seeded with native forbs (flowering plants) and grasses in November of 2010. Phase Two will begin in 2011. The remaining conservation easement areas will be addressed in the future and are being managed through targeted mowing to keep invasive species under control.

Its sister subdivision, Ponds II, is managing small tree and shrub lines with removal of Buckthorn and Honeysuckle in order to support the existing community of native woody species.

Woodland Pines Subdivision

woodlandpinesThis charming and intimate subdivision is host to woodland and wetland habitats. This neighborhood has the potential to host many beautiful Wisconsin native woodland species with careful and creative land management.

Wooded Valley North and South Subdivisions

woodedvalleyLocated in part along a busy Highway 31, this conservation subdivision has the potential to provide high quality open space in an ever urbanizing area. The conservation easement areas in this subdivison hold great promise certain to unfold once land stewardship is begun.

Woodview Subdivision

woodviewThis subdivision features a small Pine plantation. The invasive species contained therein are being removed and replaced with appropriate native species. In the midst of an urban area, Woodview affords residents a retreat and the surrounding community a small but important piece of habitat.

Woodlands Eagle Lake

eaglelakeNestled amongst woods and water, this conservation subdivision plays an important role in maintaining the rural flavor and varied landscape of the Town of Dover.

Blue River Preserve

blueriverWith a trail along the wooded hillside and the Root River below, Blue River Preserve contains open space worthy of preservation. Residents are very involved and committed to improving the easement areas through invasive species management and native plant reintroduction especially along the hillside.

Prairie Pathways

prairiepathwayLarge stormwater management ponds with increasing native plant diversity in the easement areas combine to make Prairie Pathways an increasingly important source of viable open space and habitat in Franksville.

Woodland Waters

woodlandwatersThis conservation subdivision is home to a variety of habitats including woodland, wetland and openland or prairie areas. Significant land management was begun in November of 2010 via a prescribed burn in an effort to reduce invasive species and support existent native plants.

Stonecrest Shores Subdivision

stonecrestWith a cadre of committed residents, this conservation subdivision is undertaking significant steps toward enacting the Stewardship Plan. Invasive species removal, native tree planting and seeding a native prairie planting have all taken place in 2010. Wetlands, woodlands, multiple storm water detention ponds as well as actively farmed acreage all combine to make this a working model of the ways in which land preservation can meet many needs.

Parkland Subdivision

parklandParkland subdivision is home to a small woodlot and potential savanna like area in front of the woodlot. Even small subdivisions can be designed creatively to allow for open space that has the potential to delight the young and young at heart.