cropped-Wonderment-Elijah.jpgWhat better place is there to learn and connect than in a woodland, a prairie, or a wetland? Therein live some of the finest teachers to be found and at Seno, we have them in abundance.

We have science-based learning opportunities for all ages – because it is just as important for grown-ups to get outside as it is for the kids!  Discover the programming we offer for schools, youth groups, families and those interested in expanding their naturalist knowledge base. Whether you’re coming to visit Seno Woodland Center, or learning in your local park, no matter the season there is always something to do outside!

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School Programs

Community Outreach Program

Seno K/RLT Conservancy is pleased to now offer new community outreach programs that connect local children to science and the natural world. Join us for a unique opportunity to help better incorporate environmental education into your students’ day. Our naturalist will visit you and your students with a variety of nature-based activities for participants to uncover the wonders of the natural world around them in your own local parks. The new programs seen listed below create exciting learning experiences for ages 4-12.

Follow Your Senses

Ages 4-6 (1 hour)
Children love to explore in the natural world! Natural things come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, textures, odors, tastes and sounds. Join us as we learn about the different things in nature through a variety of sensory experiences. These exploratory and sensory activities will get participants to follow their curiosity and get an up-close look in their natural environments.

Down To Earth

Ages 7-12 (1 hour)
Where does soil come from? Join us for this interactive program as we unearth the wonders of soil and who make their home there. Students will participate in an inquiry-based program to uncover soil’s role as the foundation of all life. We will take a close look at decomposers and dig into a worm bin to learn about their important role in nature’s cycle.

Art in Nature

Ages 4-12 (1 hour)
Nature is art! Join us on an adventure as we practice observation skills through outdoor art-making activities. Participants will create a reflective art project that connects them with their experiences and discoveries in their own neighborhood. Student will practice observation skills through outdoor art-making activities. We will explore through drawings by using natural mediums found in nature, finding nature’s patterns, and/or design mini environments for animals.

Offered in partnership with:

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Booking Information: Email Nancy Carlson at to learn more about program options and booking a program with us!

Field Trips

Our natural resources – living and non-living – and how we relate to them inform and guide our programs. The contents are science-based and conform to the Core Curriculum Standards as much as possible. We also believe in the essential nature of discovery, exploration, and relationship-building within the context of the natural world.

Program components can be mixed and matched based upon what you would like to get out of your field trip. The naturalist reserves the right to make the final decision based on season, weather, and size of the class.

All school programs include a hike to explore the woods and/or prairies unless the weather makes that impossible. Dress for being outside and for the weather. Many programs also involve a make-and-take.

If you are spending the day with us, feel free to bring your lunch. We have a carry-in and carry-out policy. That means what you bring with you, leaves with you.

Booking Information: Email Nancy Carlson at to learn more about field trip programming options and booking a field trip to Seno Woodland Center!