History: Kenosha/Racine Land Trust, WWOA Foundation and Seno Center

Since being established in 1993, the Kenosha/Racine Land Trust (K/RLT) has focused on permanently preserving land and restoring critical habitat. Now the land trust owns 53 acres in the Pleasant Prairie/Des Plaines River Basin and holds 19 conservation easements on approximately 1,000 acres in Kenosha and Racine counties. Coincidentally, during that same time period, the nearby WWOA Foundation (a.k.a Seno Woodland Education Center) having been founded by the Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association (WWOA) with land donated by Dr. Elvira Seno, has directed efforts from its 127-acre facility in western Kenosha County toward educating the public on prudent land management for sustainable forestry practices with related benefits to wildlife and natural beauty. To leverage the strength of each, the two organizations officially merged on June 20, 2014. The name of this organization is now Seno K/RLT Conservancy.

To learn more about the lands that K/RLT and the Seno Center brought to the new organization, go to the Land Preservation page.