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Since being established in 1993, the Kenosha/Racine Land Trust has focused on permanently preserving land and restoring wildlife habitat. Coincidentally, during that same time period, the nearby WWOA Foundation (a.k.a Seno Woodland Education Center) has directed efforts from its 213 acre facility in western Kenosha and eastern Walworh Counties toward educating the public about sustainable forestry and related environmental issues. To leverage the strength of each, as of June 20, 2014 the two organizations officially merged. The name of this organization is now Seno K/RLT Conservancy. The missions of each organization will remain prominent in all endeavors. Environmental education, sustainable forestry, natural resource and environmental conservation and land preservation in perpetuity remain the guiding principles and primary goals. Together the combined organization will be financially stronger and better able to achieve its land preservation mission through forestry and education.

The Education Programs at the Seno Woodland Education Center & Drumlin Farm

The Seno Education Center, 131 acres, and Drumlin Farm, 87 acres, total 218 acres of forest, fields, prairie and wetlands located in southeast Wisconsin’s rolling kettle moraine country in Walworth and Kenosha Counties.

The goals of the education programs on these properties are:
• To provide educational opportunities for educators, students, landowners, the public
• To demonstrate sustainable management of forest and related resources.

Dr. Elvira Seno wished her beloved “Slippery Slopes” tree farm to become a place for children to learn about trees and nature. Dr. Seno passed away in November 1996. In her last year she saw her dream fulfilled as buses full of children came to learn about forests and nature on her beautiful farm.


The 87 acre Drumlin Farm, just 3 miles from the Seno Center, was donated to the WWOA Foundation in 2006 by Dr. Shirley Peterson. (Follow the link above to learn more about Dr. Peterson and her beloved farm.) Her gift gives us additional natural diversity of habitats and new opportunities for natural resources and environmental education.

What We Do – Student Learning, Educator Training, Landowner Workshops

Drumlin pier

History – Dr. Elvira Seno Had a Vision for her Beloved “Slippery Slopes” Tree Farm

Land Protection Programs

Our mission for land preservation is to protect open space and natural areas in Kenosha and Racine Counties for the benefit of current and future generations.

Our land protection efforts focus on permanently preserving land and restoring wildlife habitat. Seno K/RLT owns 53 acres in the Pleasant Prairie Des Plaines River Basin and holds 19 conservation easements on about 1000 acres in the two county areas. Adding the 213 Seno Center and Drumlin Farm acres, raises land permanently protected to 1266 acres. Our mission is to protect open space and natural areas in Kenosha and Racine Counties for the benefit of current and future generations.

Conservation Subdivision


Conservation subdivisions protect land and natural resources while allowing for the maximum number of residences under current community zoning and subdivision regulations. Learn more…

Land We Own


Our protected preserves are two beautiful pieces of property in the Des Plaines River basin. Both will remain open space and are available for public use. Learn more…

Private Easements


Private Conservation easements have successfully protected thousands of acres of wildlife habitat and open space, keeping land in private hands and generating significant public benefits. Learn more…