Rent Seno

Our buildings and grounds are perfect for showers, weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. Just about anything you can think of can be beautifully celebrated at Seno. The fees vary depending on the event and what areas you need to use.

Current Fees

Weddings and larger events – $1500.00 plus a $250.00 refundable deposit. The rental fee includes the upper and lower barn, Memorial Field and Pavilion. The rental fee for only a ceremony is $750.

Smaller events such as showers, adult birthday parties, etc. – $300.00 plus a $50.00 refundable security deposit.

Pavilion and Memorial Field Rental – $150.00 plus a $50.00 refundable security deposit. Please note, there is no electricity at the pavilion.

Children’s Birthdays – $150.00 plus a $50.00 refundable security deposit

Eagle Scout Ceremonies – free if the Scout completed an Eagle Scout Project for Seno.

Other Scout Ceremonies – $100.00

FAQ’s About Renting Seno

Is there a limit on the number of guests for weddings?
Please be aware that our facility is best suited for weddings in the range of 100 to 150 guests. A tent set up on Memorial Field can accommodate a larger number. Ample parking becomes limited as the number of guests increases. Please encourage guests to ride together.

How many tables and chairs are available?
There are 19 – 6 ft. tables that seat 114 comfortably (6 per table) or 152 with end seating (8 per table). There are also several odd sized tables used for serving and other functions. At present we have no more than 60 chairs for table seating, although we plan to purchase 50 more. Larger events will need to rent chairs from an outside source.

Can we have alcohol?
Yes – you can. Mixed drinks require a licensed bartender. Beer/Wine do not.

What time do we have to be out?
For weddings 1 a.m. There is an occupied residence on our property and a neighbor close by to the north. We expect that you will lower the volume by about 11 p.m.
Other rentals are priced for 6 hr. events and shall not go beyond 9:00 p.m.

Are we responsible for clean up after the event?
Yes – you are and we will provide you with plenty of recycling and trash containers. For weddings and larger events, the day afterward is reserved for clean up.

Can we have live music?
Yes, but please remember our neighbors.

Can we dance in the upper barn and/or pavilion?

Can we smoke at Seno?
Smoking is not permitted within Seno structures, but is allowed on outside gravel areas. Please use labeled sand containers for butt disposal.

What about catering our event?
No problem. If the caterer you select has not been to Seno, they may need direction to the pavilion. Depending on the soil conditions and the size of the delivery vehicle, that route may vary. (Gooseberries has catered a number of events at Seno and comes highly recommended by those who’ve used them.)

Could we have a pig roast?
Yes, you can!

Can we use food trucks?
Yes, you can! See comments above under catering regarding food trucks.

How many bathrooms are there?
One in the lower level of the barn.
A Men’s and a Women’s bathroom upstairs with 2 toilets each.
A Port-a-Pot in Memorial Field. Each additional Port-a-Pot costs $140 and each additional hand-washing station costs $140.

Is your water potable?
YES!!  We discourage the use of bottled water.

Can we use the little kitchen?
Yes – but, not for cooking.  Keeping things warm or cold is fine.  Using a Nesco and the like is fine as well.

Pictures from a Wedding

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